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Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation in Marietta , Georgia


Making sure indoor air is healthy can be tough in both old and new homes. Even with great HVAC systems, clean ducts, and balanced humidity, bad stuff can still get in. Every time we breathe out, we add a bit of carbon dioxide to the air, and it builds up over time. Sure, we can open a window sometimes to let bad air out and good air in. But when we do that, our heaters and ACs have to work extra hard to treat the air again. metro , and north Atlanta residents need a way to ventilate well without costing a lot of time or money, and that’s where energy recovery ventilation systems come in.

Since 2015, Innovative Mechanical , LLC has been installing, maintaining, and fixing the latest indoor air quality solutions. Energy recovery ventilators use smart technology to keep the energy in your air while still letting in fresh air. You can breathe easier without having to open a window—just contact us today!

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Dust, pet dander, skin, hair, and spores— all sorts of stuff gets into our buildings. Get the ventilation you need to stay healthy and focused every minute of every day!

How Does an Energy Recovery Ventilator Work?

An energy recovery ventilator is a super efficient system that moves heat and humidity between the inside and outside of your home. Usually, when your home gets ventilated, it sends out a lot of heated air. That means you’re losing all that heat and spending more money to heat up the new air that comes in. But with energy recovery ventilation, it’s different. Before the air leaves your house, it goes through a heat exchanger. Inside this exchanger, the hot air leaving your house meets the cool air coming in. They swap heat and humidity, and then the air gets ventilated out. This way, you can bring in fresh air without needing to heat or cool it as much.

When you put an energy recovery ventilator in your attic, it helps swap out the old air inside your home with fresh air from outside. The heat exchanger makes sure you don’t lose the comfy temperature of your home, but you still get rid of bad air and bring in the good stuff—all without opening a window!

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Benefits of Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation

Besides the health perks of breathing cleaner air every day, energy recovery ventilators bring a lot of value to homes and businesses. This top-notch indoor air quality technology improves your health and saves you money both now and in the long run. Here’s how an energy recovery ventilator helps you out:

Better Breathing

Poorly ventilated air can cause all sorts of issues—from skin problems and sinus infections to trouble concentrating and poor sleep. Even the carbon dioxide we breathe out can make us feel crummy. Energy recovery ventilators let fresh, clean air in and push out old, stale air without making your HVAC system work harder.

Lower Bills

Opening a window might seem like an easy way to get some fresh air, but then your heating or cooling system has to treat that air. And treating air from outside takes energy, which costs money. Energy recovery ventilators skip that step, helping keep your bills down.

Longer System Lifespans

Energy recovery ventilators use special heat exchangers to take energy from old air and give it to fresh air coming in. This means your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. It keeps your heating and cooling systems in better shape, giving them a longer life while also making sure your indoor air stays clean and healthy.

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