Improve the Air Health of Your Marietta Home

Woman Relaxing and Breathing BetterWhile routine maintenance such as changing air filters is always a must, there are additional ways you can ensure proper indoor air quality in your home. Here at Innovative Mechanical, LLC, we’re the experts on the indoor air quality solutions that will improve air health, but also benefit the comfort of your Marietta home.

Indoor air quality solutions you may consider:
  • Ventilation systems
  • Humidity control
  • Whole-home filtration
  • Air purification

Ventilation Systems Provide Fresh Air

Modern homes and HVAC systems are well-sealed for maximum energy efficiency, but also mean your home’s air can become stagnant. The solution to this is a ventilation system that constantly cycles fresh air from outside into your HVAC system. If your home constantly feels stuffy, a ventilation system might be right for you!

Humidity Control for Ultimate Comfort

Clean EffectsThe typical comfortable humidity range for most people is 30-60%. In many cases, maintaining humidity levels like this are nearly impossible. Here in Georgia, we all know about the humidity, but also consider that air conditioning systems typically rob a home of it’s air moisture as well. The air in most homes either feels too damp or too dry. In these instances, a whole-home humidifier or dehumidifier is necessary. If you notice your home has sub-optimal humidity, consider implementing humidity controls!

Clean Air with Air Purification and Filtration

When you say the term “indoor air quality”, most people think of the cleanliness of the air itself. If you are concerned with particulates in your air — these can be especially problematic for those with respiratory problems — consider an air purification or filtration system. There are multiple options with differing levels of air purification power.

If you have further questions about the intricate details of indoor air quality, get in touch with the experts at Innovative Mechanical, LLC. We can make expert recommendations on the best course of action based on your specific indoor air quality needs!

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