Who Invented Air Conditioning?

April 12, 2021
Air Conditioners

Living in Marietta, GA, you know how essential your home’s air conditioner is in keeping your family cool and comfortable during the summer. But do you know who is responsible for bringing air conditioning to our homes? The father of modern air conditioning is none other than Willis Carrier. Yes, Carrier, a name you may already be familiar with as a heating and cooling equipment manufacturer for residential and commercial use.

A Surprising Discovery

Willis Carrier was a young engineer in charge of solving a problem that plagued a New York City printing company back in 1902. The company struggled with humidity that interfered with paper feeding into their printing presses.

Carrier designed what would later become the world’s first modern air conditioning system. This system came about as he sought a way to control humidity, which also produced cooled air in the process.

Carrier’s first system performed the four basic functions of what an air conditioner must do, according to industry experts:

  • Control humidity
  • Control temperature
  • Allow air circulation and ventilation
  • Clean the air

Meeting a Need for Comfort

Carrier went on to form the Carrier Engineering Corporation with six of his colleagues in 1915. As with many companies, the company was hit hard during the great depression. However, it was able to reorganize, and after moving to Syracuse, NY, it became one of the state’s largest employers.

Initially, Carrier’s air conditioners were huge and designed to cool large buildings. They were primarily used for commercial applications and could also be found in movie houses and large department stores. It was not until after World War II where the residential demand for air conditioning really took off.

Air Conditioning Today in Marietta

Today, air conditioning is considered a must in many American homes. If your air conditioning is not working, you need a company you can trust. In Marietta, GA, contact Innovative Mechanical, LLC for all your air conditioning repairs, maintenance, and installations.