How Do I Check My Home for Air Leaks?

February 8, 2019

Your home feels drafty but your windows and doors are closed. You block or seal another area, yet you still feel incoming air. This means you need to keep looking for holes and cracks. The majority of air leaks in the home come from the foundation, attic and/or garage if it is attached. Another clue is spider webs in your residence. Spiders like to live and catch bugs in the open-air spaces of a home. Your Individual Analysis If you are sure of the air leaks in your home, deciding to hire professional help sooner than later is best. can provide a thorough energy audit for your home. Our comprehensive inspection may begin with a blower door test, depressurizing your home and making leak locations more obvious. A professional analysis will also identify where more insulation is needed. Any air leak in your home that loses heat or loses cooled air raises your electric bill and results in lost money. You may even see daylight shining through places where air leaks are penetrating. What Can You Do Now? You can implement a few things before you call us. Make sure doors and windows close tightly. Inspect your storm windows to...

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