How To Save Money With a Whole-Home Humidifier

January 6, 2020

When many Atlanta-area residents consider their in-home climate, they often focus on temperature. However, the humidity level in your home is arguably just as crucial and has a dramatic effect on your comfort. Innovative Mechanical, LLC is a great resource to remedy a dry home and save money in the Atlanta and Marietta areas. Our team combines four decades of experience installing high-quality whole-house humidifiers.

A whole-house humidifier is the most effective way to moderate humidity throughout your entire house. Portable humidifiers are useful, too, but they’re only effective in smaller areas of the house. Investing in a whole-house humidifier can save you money in a variety of ways, including some of the following.

Saves Your Furnace From Working Overtime

Humidity makes the inside of your home feel warmer. By maintaining appropriate humidity levels, you can set the temperature lower and save your furnace from having to work extra hard during the colder months. Not only does this save your furnace from unnecessary wear and tear but you will see lower energy bills.

Keeps Your Family Healthier

Did you know that humidity kills off the flu virus? That’s why a humidifier can prove especially handy during flu season. Also, maintaining the right humidity level can help you avoid sore throats, dry eyes, chapped lips and more.

Keeps Your Belongings in Nice Condition

When your home is extremely dry, the climate can take its toll on furniture and other wooden components of your home. Dry conditions can also be damaging to electronics, too. A whole-house humidifier can keep your belongings in good condition.

Work With Qualified Professionals for Optimal In-Home Comfort

Humidity can also be a tricky component of your home’s climate — too much humidity creates a breeding ground for mold while not enough humidity will make your home incredibly dry. You will want your home at around 30% humidity or a little more.

In addition to furnace and air conditioner repairs, maintenance and installation, Innovative Mechanical, LLC in Marietta offers a variety of other services. These include our work with tankless water heaters, solar panels, wine cellars, dehumidifiers, and indoor air quality. If you have in-home comfort needs, don’t hesitate to connect with a member of our team.