The Repercussions of Not Changing a Dirty Air Filter

November 17, 2020

All too often, people forget to change the air filter in their HVAC system until it causes major problems. Regularly changing the air filter is necessary for several reasons.

Higher Energy Bills

Air filters collect dust, dirt and contaminants that flow through your HVAC system. They’ll eventually collect enough material to become clogged unless you change them. This impedes airflow, which results in low efficiency and higher energy bills.

More Repair Calls

When you don’t replace a dirty air filter, your HVAC equipment has to work much harder. This inevitably leads to parts breaking and the need to have a technician come to your home. Some of these repairs can be very expensive, such as when the heat exchanger cracks.

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Poor Heat Distribution

When the filter is excessively dirty, you’ll have weak temperature distribution in your home. Some rooms will be warmer than others so your home will be uncomfortable.

Decreased Indoor Air Quality

Since a dirty filter can’t do its job, your ducts will become filthy. The collected dust, dirt and contaminants may end up in the air in your living space. This can be especially troublesome for family members with asthma or allergies.

Air Becomes Stagnant

Your HVAC system is one of the few ways of moving air around your home. A dirty filter leads to stagnant air in your home since it keeps it from moving. Any odors or moisture in the air will collect on the carpet and other surfaces, making rooms smell musty and old.

How Often Should You Change the Filter?

If you don’t have any pets, change the air filter every three months. Otherwise, you must change it every two months or more often.

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