Reducing Exposure to Indoor Air Pollutants

August 5, 2019

Air pollutants can have negative consequences for your health as well as make your property less desirable to potential buyers or tenants. Therefore, it is important to understand how to minimize or eliminate indoor air pollution.

Make Sure No One Smokes in the Home

Enforcing a no smoking policy can have many benefits for yourself and your home. By keeping smoke out of the air, you reduce the risk of acquiring or exacerbating any breathing problems that you may have. Keeping smoke out of the air also eliminates the risk that it can get into your clothes, furniture, or walls. At Innovative Mechanical, LLC in Marietta, we can perform whole-home air quality assessments to determine if smoke is a problem in your house.

Keep Ducts and Air Filters Clean

Air pollutants can transport through a home via air ducts. Air can only be as clean as the ducts that it travels through. Therefore, it may be worth scheduling a duct inspection or cleaning at least once a year if anyone in your home has breathing issues. A furnace or air conditioner’s air filter should be changed at least once or twice a year as well. Air filters that are not changed on a regular basis may not be able to remove dust or other pollutants from the air.

Clean Your Home Regularly

Vacuuming carpets can help to remove particles that could eventually be released back into the air. Wiping down wooden surfaces with a cloth can reduce dust or other pollutants that can accumulate naturally over time. Finally, it is a good idea to not wear shoes while in the house. This increases the chance of dirt, dust, or pollen being tracked into the house. Shutting doors and windows may also keep pollutants from sneaking inside of the property.

If you’re having trouble keeping your home’s air free from pollution or contamination, call Innovative Mechanical, LLC in Marietta today. We can also help manage moisture levels in your house as well as handle any heating or cooling needs that you may have.