HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

October 20, 2020

Some HVAC Troubleshooting Tips to Follow

The proper functioning of your HVAC system depends on how well maintained it is. As we approach winter, you will heavily rely on your HVAC system to keep your house warm. The last thing you would want is to turn on the heater only to realize that the equipment is malfunctioning. When this happens, you should focus on the following key areas to troubleshoot your HVAC system.

Check the Filters

Filters are positioned strategically in your HVAC equipment to clear out any dust and particulate material that may contaminate your indoor air. Sometimes, as a result of continuous use, air filters may get clogged, thereby restricting the flow of air. When troubleshooting your system, you should locate the air filter and inspect it for dirt and dust clogs. Replacing a dirty air filter with a new one helps keep the system running properly.

Inspect the Coils

The coils in your furnace may sometimes accumulate too much dirt or oxidation in a way that prevents effective heat transfer. A malfunctioning coil may increase your energy consumption while reducing the system’s performance by up to 40%. When troubleshooting your furnace or coils, you should check out for any surface clogs, dust accumulation or even oxidation. If you realize that the furnace blows out cold air, even when the temperature setting is high, then you should know that it’s time to replace it.

Check Your Thermostat

Sometimes, the problem with your HVAC system is an electrical connection. The thermostat is known to malfunction in various ways, including failing to register the right temperature setting. This may keep your HVAC equipment running all the time or even preventing it from turning on. Replacing the old thermostat with a brand-new one, preferably a programmable thermostat, will prevent such a problem.

It may be difficult for you to undertake the labor-intensive task of troubleshooting your HVAC system. At Innovative Mechanical, LLC, we specialize in providing HVAC inspection, installation, maintenance and repair services in Marietta, GA, and the surrounding areas. We are available to fix your faulty equipment in order to give you the comfort you desire in your house. Contact us today and let our experts troubleshoot your air conditioning unit.