How To Make the Best Use of Your AC

July 26, 2021
AC Efficiency in Marietta, GA

When it comes to saving money and staying cool during the summer, there are many methods that you can utilize. However, when the summer temperatures truly hit, the only way you can remain cool is to have a functional AC unit in your home. Knowing the best way to use your air conditioner will keep your house cool and, at the same time, reduce your costs. Here are some ways you can utilize your air conditioning system more economically.

Cover Your Air Conditioner

If your outdoor unit is exposed to direct sunlight, it will not run as efficiently as it would in the shade. So, to protect it from overheating, create some shade for it.

Do Not Confuse the Thermostat

Central AC units are smart. However, while they can sense it is hot, they cannot determine the source of the heat. Therefore, it is essential to place your thermostat away from other electrical devices such as lamps and TVs since they make the air get warm, causing the thermostat to think the room temperature is high. In return, the air conditioner will work harder to cool your house, resulting in increased energy bills.

Clean the Air Filters

An air filter is an essential component of your air conditioning system. It cleans the air that gets blown back into your home. When your AC filters get dirty, you should clean or replace them to protect your AC unit from running overtime. This will also help you to save some cash.

Limit Activities That Produce Heat

Certain activities such as baking and cooking are major causes of heat in your house. To prevent your cooling system from working overtime, limit the number of times you use the oven. You can also choose to cook meals outdoors on a grill when the weather is nice. If it is a must for you to cook using your oven, do so in the evening when the temperatures have started to cool down.

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