Everything You Should Know About Wine Cellars

August 11, 2020

If you’re going to invest in a wine cellar, it’s important to do some research before starting the project. Wine is temperamental by nature, so you need to create an ideal location to store it for the long-term. Here are the things you need to know about wine cellars.

They Need a Consistent Temperature

It’s vital that your wine cellar maintains a consistent temperature throughout the year. All wines should optimally be stored between 53 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit. If the wine cellar’s temperature exceeds this, it accelerates the aging process. This makes it hard to know when a wine has reached its peak, especially if the wine cellar has varying temperatures.

Steady Humidity Level

The humidity level in your wine cellar should be between 50% and 70%. Humidity affects the health of the corks. If a cork is too moist, it can become contaminated. One that is too dry can shrink or fall apart.

Different Wine Cellars Call for Different Cooling Equipment

There is no one cooling unit that is best for all wine cellars. Every wine cellar has unique conditions that determine what cooling equipment you should have. A wine cellar in a basement has different needs than one located in a small space on the first floor of your home.

Innovative Mechanical, LLC of Marietta, GA, installs wine cellars. Each of our wine cellars is custom designed according to customer needs and tastes. We can work with your contractor, architect, or interior designer.

Air Quality Matters

If your wine cellar has poor air quality, it will negatively impact the quality of the wine. Odors and microscopic particles can get into wine bottles.

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