Benefits of Home Generators

June 28, 2021
Generator in Marietta, GA

Thinking of investing in a home backup generator? For most people, the fairly high cost of a high-end home generator can be a deterrent to buying one. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a home generator.

1. Power During Outages

Parts of Marietta, GA, are prone to power outages, in which case a home backup generator becomes a good long-term investment. In addition to power outages, your area’s power plant might be shut down periodically for routine maintenance or repair. Whatever the reason for the loss of electricity, having a backup generator provides you with power to keep your lights and appliances on.

2. Power Where Needed

A home generator can provide power in specific areas of your house during a construction or remodeling project. You can use it to power tools, like nail and spray guns. This saves on overall construction costs.

3. Surge Prevention

During a power outage, people are advised to switch off all of their appliances and gadgets. But, in the event of acute outages where the electricity goes on and off in a matter of minutes, the appliances you have hooked up on a power outlet are at risk of voltage fluctuations and surges. A home generator can prevent that.

4. Low Cost

Running a home backup generator can be cost-efficient, especially if you’re using a propane- or natural gas-powered model. There are many options to choose from, giving homeowners the ability to shop for one that best suits their budget and power needs.

5. Home Safety

Home security systems, including smart door locks and anti-theft cameras, are often powered by electricity. A power outage as a result of a natural disaster or routine maintenance can leave your house vulnerable to break-ins and theft.

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