An Outline of the AC Installation Process

August 16, 2021
AC Installation in Marietta, GA

Installing an air conditioner is an intricate process. But it may be necessary for managing power consumption and indoor comfort. Here is an outline of the process.

A Professional Evaluation

For your new air conditioner to be effective at regulating temperatures, there are many factors to consider.

A technician will conduct an initial review before installation. It includes taking the dimensions of the space, which is essential in determining the capacity of your air conditioner.

A technician will also consider other factors in the interior, such as ambient heat sources. Sunlight and heating appliances can modify the thermostat readings.

Removing the Equipment

Additionally, the initial assessment will inform the kind of equipment the technician will need. The professional team may carry pressure gauges, vacuum pumps, and refrigerant bottles.

When removing the air conditioner, a technician has to observe high safety standards. The refrigerant mustn’t escape during disassembly. For that reason, it is not advisable to attempt removing critical components.

Site Preparation for Installation

The installation team has to place the new equipment at the site of the old one. But a new model may require different dimensions. The crew will ensure the area is level.

While concrete was once the material of choice, modern systems work with composite pads. Concrete is susceptible to cracking and can transmit vibrations and sounds. If you are concern about noises, our technicians can work with you to find a viable solution in Marietta.

Installing the New Equipment

After preparation, the crew will begin the installation process. There are many parts to install. Therefore, AC technicians will test each component and ensure it is working. They will also conduct a final examination of your equipment.

Making your Air Conditioner Last a Lifetime

After testing your equipment, the team will explain the installation and how it works. You will need to observe annual maintenance to enhance efficiency and boost your home’s comfort.

If your system is showing signs of imminent failure, you may want to consider a replacement. While acquiring new equipment is a significant commitment, a new system could save you running costs.

Innovative Mechanical, LLC technicians can provide quality solutions for all types of HVAC systems in Marietta. If you are considering a replacement, our team can give free estimates. We also do repairs and maintenance for AC systems and furnaces. Contact our staff and experience our outstanding customer service today.